Many left-hand path practitioners (new, intermediate, and experienced) have experienced the energy of an Ancient (demon). This energy can come in various forms, including rituals, meditation, sigil-gazing, being in nature, and many more. The feeling is undeniable, especially if the practitioner is paying attention to his/her surroundings. When the experience is over, there is usually a moment of reflection right after. This gives the practitioner time to gather thoughts and emotions, and process everything that happened.

From personal experience, it takes about 24 hours post-ritual for my mind, body, and spirit to process my experiences. Connecting with an Ancient and establishing a working relationship should be a goal for many but to each their own. Eventually, there comes a time in which an Ancient may not be around or may not want to connect and work with the practitioner. Does this mean that the connection is lost forever? Is something wrong with the practitioner? Should the practitioner attempt to connect again?

If these questions triggered you and/or cause you to reflect on your past workings, this article is for you. Before I go into detail, I will share a personal experience I had with Astaroth. Astaroth appeared to me in a dream right at the beginning of my journey into the left-hand path. I was unaware it was her at the time, only to learn about this later on during a ritual session. In the dream, she appeared to me as a blonde, tall woman with a professional demeanor. She never said a word, but subliminally said everything in my mind.

She made it a point to let me know to work on my foundation. I needed to work on this in order to build upon my future and legacy. This information was confirmed to me, once again, during a ritual. After this experience, I attempted to connect with her many times but have been unsuccessful. Nonetheless, I have continued thinking about her presence in my dream and her message. Vicariously through others, she sends me a message every now and then which definitely brightens my day. This is a great example of how some Ancients come and go in our lives in the indicated time.

This perspective is truly important to reflect on because there will be moments in which the same Ancients, we have worked so hard with will abruptly exit our lives for a time. Some Ancients that a practitioner has never worked with will appear out of nowhere and make a long-lasting impression. Despite these scenarios, once an Ancients has left their imprint within your energy or spirit, that connection forever remains. They have the ability, just like you, to work with whoever they want and for the amount of time they wish. Keep in mind that their concept of time is different than ours, but you should understand my point.

Do not lose hope. Do not feel as if you are abandoned. Do not give up. There is nothing wrong with your abilities. In fact, during a time of spiritual solitude, one should work on his/her gifts and abilities to strengthen future spiritual workings and connections. At times, this is precisely why the Ancients temporarily part ways. They provide practitioners with the necessary space to work. Nothing is easily obtained in this path; one must work diligently and effectively. 

– Dahab @ Black Dragon Immortalis

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