Growing up as a not-so-active Catholic, very rarely did I hear of any names associated with demons or the demonic. The only name I was aware of was Satan, and all I was taught was to avoid his temptation. With this in mind, I avoided anything associated with that name. Even thinking about it created a fear of welcoming demonic energy. Because I was conditioned to think this way, I was cautious of what I saw and read… but being not-so-active, I still wanted to explore this energy that everyone warned me about. As a teen, I remember coming across the name “Beelzebub” while researching occult books in the local public library. Later I realized that I had also heard this name in the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. That name always stuck me but I left it at that.

As one of the most Ancient energies, Beelzebub (also known as the “Lord of Flies”) has been referenced by many names throughout human civilizations. He is also referred to as being Satan himself, but this aspect is highly debatable. His presence was heavily represented in the Middle East, primarily with accounts of demon possessions and infestations. As one of the energies closely associated with Lucifer, his energy is very royal, classy, and powerful. Look at it from this other perspective as well: his legacy in this realm still resonates with humanity to this day! Despite all the negative associations and judgmental references, Beelzebub continues to help a fraction of humanity willing to hear his council. 

Beelzebub reappeared on my spiritual radar at the end of 2018. I had no intention of connecting with him, let alone working with him. After going through a rough patch, I began to see various symbols representing his energy. I would have moths visiting my home constantly and beetles scattering across my path when I took walks. Even flies, who are my least favorite insect, would buzz around my office when I was working alone. He arrived in the form of a protector; reassuring me that he would be the one providing protection both in the physical and in the astral. The first test he provided me was to get over my fear of winged insects. Before I could understand his presence and messages, he wanted me to work on this humanistic trait. Not going to lie; it took a lot of patience! I eventually embraced winged insects and their role in this dimension, which he reiterated that they were truly his messengers.

With his protection, I was able to also connect with other Ancient energies (demons). As an intermediary, Beelzebub provided me with an introduction to Ancients willing to work with me. He also provided me with warnings, and in a way, prevented me from working with Ancients who would not be beneficial for my spiritual growth. While working a ritual with him one night, I was confirmed subliminally that he has been with me since birth. This was truly a special message! And one that made sense… the fear that I had of winged insects manifested as a result of not understanding his energy. It was with time, dedication, and higher awareness in the left-hand path that I came into this realization. 

I continued to receive messages months after that experience but there were larger lessons to be learned later on. In the summer of 2020, Beelzebub began sending his physical messengers to me on a deeper level. In two weeks, I encountered several moths flying into my home. My intuition told me to connect with him immediately, but I procrastinated and put off the session. A few days later, I had a huge green beetle (possibly a scarab) walk in front of me in a parking lot and disappear in thin air. The message was loud and clear: connect now. Once again, I procrastinated and promised to connect later that day. Of course, life got in the way and I did not fulfill my end. One afternoon during a moment of landscaping, I was stung by wasps in different parts of my body. Beelzebub’s messengers had enough! I was writhing in pain and learned a valuable lesson. Listen to his messages, act upon them, and do not procrastinate. Despite the pain, I managed to perform a ritual and merge with his energy. He subliminally made it clear: prepare for what it is to come for what will manifest will be intense. He was not wrong; 2021 has already been intense astrally, spiritually, and physically. I keep myself grounded and prepared for the future. 

Every day he reminds me that he is around. His messengers are always in the precise location and time of day. He reminds me that his energy is constantly around; to not worry and go about my day. Of course, he does not interfere but makes sure that I am protected. This is an amazing feeling because it provides me a deep peace of mind in such a hectic and chaotic world. The energy that he has provided me is full of confidence, determination, and progress. He has also manifested to others in my circle, providing their own unique set of confirmations and synchronizations. Working in the left-hand path and with the Ancients takes time. One must develop a relationship before asking for anything or expecting something to happen. Do your part and the rest will follow. Hail Beelzebub! Hail Beelzebub! Hail Beelzebub!