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Category: Miscellaneous

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Are you trying to balance your reality (your life) while also maintaining yourself active in the spiritual realm? Not enough hours during the day to meditate or add to your spiritual gnosis? Feeling...

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Beelzebub: My Great Protector

Growing up as a not-so-active Catholic, very rarely did I hear of any names associated with demons or the demonic. The only name I was aware of was Satan, and all I was taught was to avoid his temptation. With this in mind, I...

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Refinement of Spiritual Gnosis

On the left-hand path, one must accept that both positive and negative experiences will happen. This is a concept that is hard for some practitioners to understand, but it’s a deep reality. Although we prefer to have positive...

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Samael Gave Me A Choice

There was a period of time where my wife Morgan was on a soul journey. While she was going through this her mother fell ill. She had been in and out of the hospital for some time and during the last visit she fell into...

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“Know Thyself”

As my first post on Black Dragon Immortalis, I’m very excited to be part of a positive, collective effort in providing left-hand path experiences and guidance to the masses. I want to thank Black Dragon...

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