Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Are you trying to balance your reality (your life) while also maintaining yourself active in the spiritual realm? Not enough hours during the day to meditate or add to your spiritual gnosis? Feeling depleted at night for ritual work? If you said “yes” to any of these questions, then you are not alone. In fact, I answered “yes” to all of these questions and I feel no shame about it. Working deeply in the left-hand path requires time and dedication, this is true. It also requires a fresh mind to focus and an active body for physical workings. Sounds overwhelming, right?

I’ll go straight to the point: it is overwhelming. Living in this reality, we still must sustain ourselves. We have to work to keep our financial obligations, keep a roof over our head, and obviously eat. Our bodies also need movement and we should provide them with enough exercise to keep our physical being active. For those that choose to enhance their spiritual gnosis, there must be time to research, learn, and apply obtained information. Of course, all the in-betweens of life will fill in the remaining time gaps. Just writing all of these points and mentally processing them is giving me stress… and that’s okay.

Due to the nature of the world we live in, time is precious. Applying efficient time management is extremely necessary. I have found myself multitasking left and right as of late; planning for the future while trying to maintain balance in the present. At times, I felt like Fred Armisen in the “Technology Loop” skit of Portlandia. When I finally set time to work on my altar and dive deep into rituals, I find myself working against the clock once again. The Ancients have been very generous in understanding this aspect of my life. They are aware that I don’t procrastinate; my free time is very limited. They provide guidance and answers in moments throughout the day and night, which shows how much they are willing to help those who establish bonds with them.

As many of my readers and followers know, I work closely with King Paimon. During a ritual session, I brought the issue of time management and asked him what advice he had for me. He clearly instructed me to efficiently plan for the future while steadfastly moving forward. Time and life don’t stop. It’s the constant motion of progression that dictates our realities. With this in mind, he also suggested balancing the self to avoid burning out. Once again, this ties back to planning efficiently. Dedicate time to goals and growth but also physical well-being. The foundation to the future heavily depends on this. He also reminded me that he is also in constant motion, moving between the realms to fulfill his goals and obligations. King Paimon doesn’t stop; he’s always on the go. When he needs to take a break, all offerings made for him are happily accepted and consumed. 

Today, I took a step back from everything. I put the phone away. I did not access the laptop. I avoided all technology and just focused on myself with nature. I let the wind take away the stress, the sun’s heat burn away worries, the earth hold me steady, and the clouds shelter me from the spotlight. I took many deep breathes and just lived the moment. This brought a wave of nostalgia. I remember my days discovering new age philosophy and taking my books to the park. I would just read, mentally process the material, write down some notes, and repeat the process. Looking back, the deepest realizations were experienced in those moments of spiritual discovery. 

We are approaching the half-year mark of 2021, and that reality should sink in. Look how fast the year has gone by! Life keeps moving forward and with it, life experiences. If you are feeling overwhelmed (like I have many, many times), take a step back, breathe, and plan. Focus on yourself but remain realistic of your circumstances. Life is different in every part of the world so work on a plan that works for you. Balance your mind, body, and spirit. The small steps will lead to huge results.