Within the depths of the abyss we have Leviathan; a slumbering god whose voice has spoken to those who would hear him in their dreams as he lies beneath the depths of the darkness that lies in wait. Leviathan has indeed been speaking to me. His message is as of yet, incomplete. He beckons to me through the infernal gates of the terror that lies beyond.

Leviathan is the beginning and end of all things; a universal construct by which the unending circle of the universe quakes within it’s roiling seas of darkness. His scales are coated with an oily black substance that penetrates all of creation. As he slumbers he speaks with a thick gurgling raucous voice full of contempt; yet he beckons with a grace that is misunderstood. In his solitude he flexes his ability to reach out to all who will hear his command. In dreams he seeks to find those who will entertain him in his eternal prison.

Leviathan; king of the deep, lord of the subconscious mind. His consciousness plucks tenderly at the delicate web Arachne creates outside of time itself. Tendrils of his essence puncture reality each time he seeks out those who will hear him; to those that will relay his messages.

Leviathan tells us that time is a fraud. It is a human construct used by mankind to make sense of the narrative we have been indoctrinated into believing. Time therefore is cruel and unjust. It has been used against creation since its inception. Without time there would be no beginning, no end, no aging; only entropy. Entropy teaches us to be still and to exist in this very moment. If we can envision living outside of this imagined construct, we can open to realities that lie outside of time. We can learn to engage within the present as that is all that we truly have.

While time is a human construct, it is in fact a very real part of how humans live their lives. We allow time to carve out sections of our days that are divided into hours, minutes, and seconds. In realizing that at one pivotal moment time was brought into existence with thought and created, we can begin to understand we can be in control of time itself.

Many who practice magick do so on particular days due to planetary and astrological aspects. Magick is done at these particular times during the day or night to align with these corresponding influences. What one may realize is that when you understand the reality of time itself, you may harness it as you wish; meaning that you have access to every astrological influence and planetary frequency at all times. Through this concept I have learned to do what I refer to as “time walking”.

A simple example of time walking would be as follows: I have a rite that needs to be done tomorrow due to the planetary aspects needed to increase the energy frequencies of said rite. However; tomorrow I will be traveling all day thereby making it impossible for me to conduct the rite at the appropriate day and time, or moon phase. Today though, I have no plans and it would be a perfect day to do this rite with exception of the aforementioned planetary or astrological criteria.

In order to take advantage of doing the rite today, I will mentally “time walk”, or mentally and astrally walk time forward to the exact day, hour, and moment the rite should be done; albeit I will access it from today. Conversely; this also works with walking back time if the day you needed to access has already passed.  In this way, we can  access any planetary frequency, moon phase, or astrological influence needed for our magickal rites at any point in time.

A key facet of this is practicing magick on days major events have taken place. This is done as a way to access the collective human consciousness. Studies on human consciousness and how mankind can affect the world around them is called Noetic Science.

We can take an historical event that occurred and utilize the frequencies that human consciousness accessed on that day, at the precise hour and minute of the occurrence.

Let’s take Woodstock as an example of collective consciousness. This event produced massive emotional states of mind and elevated spiritual frequencies due in large part to the music, the drugs, and the free love occuring at that time. If you were planning on doing a healing rite, you could time walk back to the exact year, day, hour, and moment Woodstock began. You could channel the energy frequencies that were put out during that time and utilize all the positivity for your healing rite. You can create a thought form mentally and astrally that will hold these energies for you as you prepare the remainder of the rite.

If we use the first example of time walking in conjunction with this one, you could time walk to tomorrow to access the correct frequencies AND access the thought form of collective consciousness from Woodstock to empower the rite simultaneously.

In this way, manifesting anything in your reality becomes much easier. Nothing is outside the realm of possibility.

For more information about Leviathan; I found the majority of this article to be in line with my personal gnosis of this slumbering god of the abyss. (https://demonsanddemonolatry.com/emperor-of-the-void-and-abyssal-demon-lord-leviathan/)

I hope you are inspired by this piece, and should the dark lord of the infinite waters whisper your name; you have no need to tremble before him, though you quite possibly may.  In any case, this god is to be revered and respected, and once you lend him your ear; he will tell you a great many secrets. You only have to be willing to listen.