As my first post on Black Dragon Immortalis, I’m very excited to be part of a positive, collective effort in providing left-hand path experiences and guidance to the masses. I want to thank Black Dragon Immortalis for the opportunity to be part of this movement, as well as the Ancients for their constant guidance in my life. My name is Dahab and I have been a left-hand path practitioner for more than 10 years. As a Luciferian, both philosophically and spiritually, I have experienced many things since the start. Each experience has brought lessons, both positive and negative, and has “leveled up” my gnosis with time. All of this could not have been possible without first discovering who I was.

When a person first comes across the term “left-hand path” or “occult”, emotions quickly begin to fill the heart, mind, and soul. There is intrigue, doubt, surprise, and more just by imagining what those two words mean. Each discovery leads to a different perspective and/or practice, until something suddenly clicks, and one is hooked. When I first began my discovery of this path, I was skeptical and doubtful. After all, I was one of those spiritually conditioned humans who went with the flow. One day online, I came across the name “Lucifer”. Immediately, I felt a connection. I wasn’t sure if it was good or bad, but I couldn’t deny the feeling.

As with most Google searches, one result leads to another. I began reading more about the representation of Lucifer, the origins of the name, the cultural associations with the deity, and so forth. There was such a vast amount of information that I felt overwhelmed. Nonetheless, I took my time reading and processing all the information in front of me. I came across a quote that said, “know thyself”. Those two words changed me. At that time, I was in another spiritual transition where what had served me in the past, was no longer beneficial for my spiritual growth. I began to self-reflect deeply; in all areas of my life. Did I know myself? Who was I?

I came to realize later during my initial discovery of the left-hand path that for one to truly grow, one must first work on him/herself. This meant that I had to go deep within my mind and work on all those open and hidden emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. This could be traumatizing. It’s all nice to reflect on the good and positive things, but it’s the hidden and negative ones that can truly shake an individual. Removing years of masks and false thoughts were not and are not easy! This is a constant process as we cannot clear blocks immediately. It can take months, years, and lifetimes to achieve. Regardless, the moment one begins to do all this, the first step towards self-enlightenment and ascension begins.

The power behind the name “Lucifer” and “Know Thyself” were the fuel behind my desire to break away from Abrahamic grasp. I knew that I couldn’t keep living spiritually blind and ignorant. I had to take the initial step towards achieving my goals but first I had to work on myself. If you are currently in the process of self-discovery or want to learn more about the Luciferian mindset and spiritual path, you now know what you must do. For you to connect with Lucifer, with the Ancients, with higher or lower realms, you must prepare yourself. Begin clearing those blocks and create an environment that will help you succeed. Only you hold the key to spiritual growth; no one else.


– Dahab @ Black Dragon Immortalis

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