To whom it may concern;

In light of some recent events online regarding the occult community, it should go without saying that any illegal activity perceived to be real would be absolutely and immediately reported to the authorities and met with legal action. 

This message is intended for those that are aware of the current ongoing situations. For those of you that know, you know. If you’re unaware, you may still find value within this message.

Trigger Warning: There are mentions of extremely uncomfortable and gruesome content within. This is absolutely not intended for children. Mature content below.

While history holds plenty of gruesome tales about witchcraft and Satanism regarding human sacrifice and the like; it is important to know that while there is some truth to some of these accounts, many of these stories were also myths created to serve the purpose of teaching morals and values as well as to create superstition to warn people of ill affects should they behave in ways that were perceived to be evil. Christianity is well known for having recreated many historical facts to suit their needs to convert non-Christians, search, torture, and murder heretics, and shed even more blood in their holy wars in the name of their jealous god. 

As a society that has been educated with many variations of historical facts, we are able to choose to create a different future for ourselves while learning from the mistakes of our ancestors and those that have walked a tumultuous and torturous path. 

Modern civilizations; especially in the western part of the world have become more tolerant, understanding, and respectful of others ability to choose their own religious paths. While not everyone is able to see past their own belief systems, the majority of modern society is able to look beyond their own ideals and socio-religious norms by accepting that others can, may, and do believe differently than they. 

History has shown that those working within the occult have been “demonized” and said to be evil because of fables, myths, superstition, fear, organized religious propaganda, monetary and political gain, and more.

To the best of our knowledge, the majority of modern occultists do not engage in acts of rape, torture, human sacrifice, or any harmful or violent acts to minors. Would that these or any similar heinous acts occur; these kinds of horrendous behaviors would be immediately brought to light, and any perpetrator of any such acts would be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law if found to be guilty via court proceedings as everyone has the right to a fair trial, and is considered to be innocent until found guilty by a judge or jury of their peers. These people would also become fodder for anyone who wishes to enact their own version of justice upon them.

 Contrary to popular belief; occultists do not engage in any of the aforementioned acts as a rule. To believe such and or propagate or insinuate that these false accusations are anything based in reality is not only discriminate in nature but also defamatory and may be considered  to be libel and/or slander against any person or persons named as such.

There are people that have committed lesser crimes within the community and they have been dealt with accordingly via the legal system as well as having received other forms of retribution from those who felt it was deserving.

The point of this message is to educate people that do not understand those that are involved with the occult. We are mothers, fathers, children, doctors, nurses, lawyers, firefighters, police, military, political officials, chefs, restaurant owners, etc. We come from all walks of life and there is nothing physical that denotes us from the rest of civilization. We are not evil. We are not demons. We are spiritualists whom have many differing beliefs even within similar paths within the occult. We make our own realities through manifestation. We create rituals, and many of us heal others, read tarot cards, practice reiki, spirit channeling, and even exorcisms. We are not here to harm others. We are here to learn and to teach, and to be. Make no mistake though, if someone attacks us then we will deal with said person or persons accordingly. We won’t sacrifice them to the gods by physically taking someone’s life. We won’t burn them at the stake, or nail them to a cross. We will use our herbs and our altars and practice rituals to ensure that said person or persons is met with the retribution they deserve. 

Occultists that are serious with their craft have a moral responsibility to themselves and the spirits they work with. 

We have a moral code of ethics we stand by and do not idly curse people on a whim as the mood strikes our fancy.

Let me be perfectly clear. There are people within every part of every community that suffer from mental illness and therefore do not always know how to handle themselves accordingly. These people sometimes find themselves behaving in ways they normally would not behave due to their mental illness, their medication being improperly prescribed, or many times due to them not taking any prescribed medications at all. There are many reasons why a person who suffers from mental illness could find themselves behaving in ways they normally would not. 

That is not to say that all those with mental illness are unable to control themselves. There are many, many people who suffer from mental illness that live happy, successful lives, and are able to control themselves to the point that no one would even know they suffer from mental illness unless it was disclosed to another.

The reason we bring this up at all is that we must remember that not every person can be held fully accountable for their actions; especially when mental illness is the cause for said behavior. This does not mean that person is evil. It does mean that their mental state has likely gone unchecked without proper medication and/or therapy, which is likely the reason for behaving in ways they never would have if not for their current mental state. 

That being said, there are those that do behave in horrendous ways; harming others intentionally. Some with the intent to not only harm, but kill. This does not mean that this person is a Satanist, or practices witchcraft. What it does mean is that this person or persons are engaging in illegal activities that most people would consider to be horrific.

While there are some people whom have killed in the name of Satan or the occult, the actual number of crimes is much smaller than many would think when there are many more killings attributed to killing in the name of God.

We want to remind you that most individuals are responsible for their own actions. An entire community of people is not responsible for one person’s actions even if they are committing horrendous crimes.

To brand one person, their organization, or the occult community at large as having been responsible for another person’s crimes is ludicrous.

That would be like condemning the pope or the entire catholic church for every priest that has molested a child. That just doesn’t make sense. While children are still being molested today behind the seemingly safe religious curtains of Catholicism, there are still people blindly going to church every Sunday, dropping their dollars into the offering bin, and asking to be forgiven of their sins so they can sin again on Monday.

Contrary to what you may believe, we are not against Christians. What we are against are those willing to turn a blind eye on crimes being committed against children- even now in modern times, whilst many Christians do their level best to ignore it.

While it is true that not every Christian or Catholic seems to be aware or even believes these despicable and deplorable acts are even occurring; we cannot deny there are those that are very aware and would do anything in their power to hide the truth.

Still, it would not be fair to blame an entire congregation, religion, or faith for those enacting evil upon children.

For those of you that understand the correlations made within this message, we would hope that you do really understand and choose to make your own decisions about individuals rather than the communities they are a part of. The onus is on the individual committing the crime, and they are currently being dealt with by the authorities. 

Thank you for having read this message. Should you have any questions; feel free to contact us at:

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