There was a period of time where my wife Morgan was on a soul journey. While she was going through this her mother fell ill. She had been in and out of the hospital for some time and during the last visit she fell into a coma. Doctors didn’t have many answers, and tests were inconclusive. It was originally thought she suffered from COPD, but that proved not to be the case. As time stretched on, her family was of the opinion that keeping her on life support was only cruel and that they should allow her to be laid to rest.

My wife being the only one to disagree told her family to give her three days. She did not share with them her intention, but I already knew she was going to try to reach her with magick. I couldn’t stand to watch my wife suffer.  I never did magick within my home at that time, due to the fact that I didn’t want to sway my family’s beliefs in any way. I did everything astrally as I had been doing since the age of 13; in large part due to my physical disability, cerebral palsy. Morgan ran a bath once we got home and she had carried her magick box with her into the bathroom. She lit some candles and began the incense burning. She had a pie plate and crushed roses and some other things given to her along the way. I asked if she needed anything and she told me this was something she needed to take care of and now. I kissed her and went to lay on our bed in the next room. I then proceeded to astrally connect with Samael.

He connected with me rather swiftly and asked what it is I wanted. I told him I needed his help to allow Morgan to be allowed to connect with her mother on the plain between life and death. He granted it with a request of me to make an offering and a three day devotional. I gave my promise and he agreed. When the subject of her life arose, he asked if I wanted to let her live or let her go. I told him I couldn’t allow my wife to lose her mother. He agreed to my request to allow her to live. I astrally disconnected from him and did my offering and devotional over the three days as promised. 

On the second day, we were awoken with a phone call from the hospital. Morgan’s mother had mysteriously awoken from her coma. She did not seem to know what was going on and they asked us to come as quickly as possible. When we arrived we found out that she had had a stroke and she would need to relearn everything from speaking to walking, writing, and other basic things that would help her to not only ambulate but communicate effectively. 

After a short period of time, she was released into our care and we brought her home with us to do what we would to offer her all the help and patience we could. The night we brought her home, I laid in my bed and told Samael thank you for allowing my mother in law to live for the sake of my wife. The response I received was a bit startling. Samael chuckled and told me that yes he had kept her alive, but that she would suffer now as I had throughout my life. He told me that she would never be as she was, but that she would be there for her daughter when she needed her. He told me she would need to learn how difficult my life had been due in large part to the horrible ways she had treated me over the past few years. He explained that he was asked to keep her alive, and that was fulfilled. Now she would learn humility as well.

Over time the majority of my mother in laws faculties we’re returned to her. Mentally she was the same, though physically she could not walk. It was as if she had been returned to the same person she was before, only she was now wheelchair bound. I myself cannot walk unassisted, however, with the use of my crutches I can get around quite well.  Because I had a lot of experience with rehabilitation after extended hospital stays, I tried to help my mother in law with relearning how to walk, or even to walk assisted like myself. 

She would not fully commit to receiving help from me. We got her to try one time but she would not trust me. She would not listen to my advice and my patient and encouraging words. Though Morgan was there right by her side encouraging her, she remained stubborn. She said she was too afraid. 

It has been nearly 8 years now and my mother in law still cannot walk unassisted. I have wondered why she would not take my help, and why her stubbornness won the battle. True, I have not intervened on her behalf since the last time I asked for her life to be spared, but then Samael was adamant on her learning this lesson.

My mother in law has spoken of the dark, shadowy figure that beckoned to her from the doorway of the hospital room as she lay in her bed unable to speak, unable to move. He incited pure terror into her very soul. She will never forget the way she fought from within herself, telling him he could not take her. She pled with him to leave her be. He stood there for a long time in the shadows, knowing he would not come for her that day, but someday come for her he would.

The question remains, will she have finally learned humility?