Items Used for this Rite:

  • 4 black candles to represent the 4 winds or any 4 objects of your choosing to represent each of the 4 winds. In this case a single candle may be used.
  • An athame, wand, or your hand may be used to direct energy
  • A quiet room or outdoor space where you are able to focus without interruption
  • A point of reference for the moon phase, astrological or planetary phase, year, day, hour, and/or minute desired: Simply writing this down on a piece of paper will suffice. If you are time walking to an event in the past, you may obtain something from that time period; use a print out from a newspaper article, or any other such fetish item to help achieve a psychic link to that specific time period.

*Please note that all of these items may be substituted astrally and may be used in your astral temple in place of utilizing physical tools. Likewise; any motions within this rite may be done astrally as well which is particularly useful for those who may not be able to achieve them physically.

Begin standing in your temple or a quiet place of your choosing.  Light the candle or candles present.

You may choose to cast a circle at this point using your athame, wand, or your hand however; it is not necessary and this is based upon your own personal preference.

If you are using a single candle, be sure you have your 4 objects representing the 4 winds within your circle or immediate space if you did not create a circle.

Visualization and Grounding

Light your candle/candles, and as you do so envision the center of the Earth full of magma, all the volcanoes with fire burning within them, and all fire upon the Earth itself flowing into your candle flame or flames. Envision this fiery energy emanating out from them and breathe in the fiery essence until you are filled with it. You will breathe in and out in slow measured breaths for this part, as with each inhalation you are filling your body with the heat and primal essence of Fire. Once you feel as though you are filled with the element of Fire, you may proceed to the next step. You are now connected to the element of Fire.

Be sure to ground yourself to the Earth beneath you and the skies above you whether you are inside or outside. To do this envision that your feet have roots coming from the soles of your feet that extend deep into the Earth’s crust. As you take each breath, envision that the roots are able to breathe in the same way your lungs are able to function. Envision the energies from Earth building up inside of you as you inhale each slow, measured breath. Once you feel as though you are filled with the rhythmic energies of the Earth; you are now connected to Earth in all her glory, existing as an integral part of her plan. In this way you are magickally connected or grounded to the aspect of the Earth.

Now that you’re aware of yourself being grounded to the Earth, you will connect in this way to the sky as well. Begin by tilting your head skyward, whether you are inside or outside. You will now envision the top of your head or your crown chakra pulling the energies from your feet that are deeply rooted within the Earth. Allow this energy to wash over you and shoot out through the top of your head up through the thin air of the atmosphere and into the far reaches of space. Focus on this energy now traveling in both directions; from the ground skyward, and skyward down to the ground using your body as a vessel for these energies. Become aware again of your breathing; careful to take slow measured breaths and as you inhale you take within you the essence of the Earth and Air energies present. Allow yourself to be bathed in its forces. You are now connected to the element of Air.

Become aware of your pulse, it’s beat within your body is like the rhythmic drum beats of ancient tribal music that has been used in ritual for centuries. It is like the ebb and flow of the tides of the ocean. Envision that this pulsing energy that flows through you begins to heat your blood. You feel a tingling sense of warmth wash over your entire body. Your blood is the embodiment of the element Water and your blood charges the forces of it within you. Continue to breathe slowly as you connect to the element of Water within. You are now connected to the element of Water. Focus on all 4 elements combining with your spirit or Anima as you allow the kundalini  force to be opened within you from the root to the crown chakra. Continue focusing on this until you are certain you are connected with all 5 elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. You are now completely grounded and ready to begin the next step. (More advanced practitioners may skip this step as you may have a preferred way of visualizing and grounding yourself.)

For the next step you may stay standing or become seated on the floor or in a chair. I prefer to sit upon the ground with my legs in a criss cross fashion.

In a circular motion moving deosil or clockwise use your athame, wand, or left hand to call down the 4 winds as follows:

Evocation of the 4 winds

“Winds of the North, South, East, and West, I summon thee! Winds of the North, South, East, and West I ask that you hold open the gates between this realm and the next as I perform this rite. Winds of the North, South, East, and West I bid thee come!”

As you feel the energies of the 4 winds enter into your temple, you may now focus on the time frame you want to “Time Walk” to. If you have a reference or a fetish item for this you may focus on it now. Feel all the energies you have drawn within you as well as those you have called down into your temple. Direct these swirling energies into your time reference or fetish item.

Walking Backward or Forward in Time

Place your hands above your head with your palms flat and facing up toward the sky or ceiling. If you are walking forward in time, you will use your hands to “Walk” forward in time by placing one hand in front of the other above your head and use your hands to walk forward beginning with the number of days. If you are walking forward 4 days, you will alternate your left and right hands, each taking a turn “walking” forward time; for example: left, right, left, right. Bring your arms to your sides and focus on that specific day and the planetary aspects or other influences you are accessing. If you need a specific hour, repeat the process of walking forward the number of hours needed. For example, if you need to access 1pm; you would count from midnight and walk forward 13 hours while alternating your hands. It would translate as left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left.  If you accidentally walked too many hours forward, you may reverse the direction as many hours are needed by walking your hands backward in the same way. For example, let’s say you walked forward 15 hours instead of 13, you would then use your hands; palms skyward and walk backwards 2 steps. Should you need a specific moment, you may walk forward the amount of minutes within the hour needed. So for example if you needed it to be 1:05 pm, you would walk forward; left, right, left, right, left to reach the designated moment.

When walking forward in time, it will be rare that you need to walk forward in years however; if this is something you need to do, begin with walking forward the number of years, then months, days, hours, and minutes accordingly as given in the examples above.

Conversely; walking backward in time works the same way albeit it, you will need to remember to change the direction of your hands. They will still be above your head, palms up. Only this time you will walk your hands backward in the same alternating fashion instead of walking forward.

Once you have reached the designated time you may hold that time in place by calling to the 4 winds.

“Winds of the North, South, East, and West I bid thee hold open this moment in time as I complete the desired working. Be for me the pillars of entropy as I utilize this moment frozen in time.”

You will now perform whatever ritual you needed to complete during your specified time.

When you are through with your ritual you must thank the 4 winds for their assistance and politely ask them to depart.

“Winds of the North, South, East, and West I thank thee for coming when called and for lending your essence to these workings. I bid thee farewell and will call upon you again soon. You are dismissed. So it is done.”

Put away any ritual tools used for this rite and any other workings you performed. Be sure to write down any thoughts or visions you received during this process as many things make more sense at a later time. Return to mundane activities as soon as possible as to not interfere with your manifestations.