On Monday, December 21, 2020, the Great Conjunction appeared before our very eyes worldwide. Unless you’re living under a rock or don’t care about what happens in the universe, this event marked the closest distance between Jupiter and Saturn. Looking up at the night sky, you would notice that this celestial phenomenon would create a “bright star” effect. While those in the Abrahamic paths see this as a “sign from God/Yahweh/Jesus”, we see this as the beginning of a new time in world history: the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. For me, it marked the beginning of what is to come in my personal and professional life. 

Both planets play a significant role in my life, and it’s no surprise that the conduction would provide such a key role in my future. The symbolic representations of Jupiter and Saturn are key in the direction I am heading. Let’s do a short recap of symbolism by both planets to get some perspective. Jupiter represents expansion, wealth, abundance, and optimism. Saturn represents dominance, power, and time. Keep in mind that these representations can tap into the many aspects of our lives: spirituality, professional, personal, emotional, etc. After reviewing and reflecting on my astral/natal chart, both planets play important roles in the development of who I am. 

Using the Great Conjunction as a pivotal point for my future, I embarked on a powerful ritual. Using various candles, visuals, and my energy, I spent hours on my altar prepping and performing my spiritual workings. I could feel the presence of the Ancients around me and I was very aware that this ritual would need to be performed right up until the moment I could physically see Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky. As sunset emerged, I ended my ritual and went outside to take into the celestial event. I was inspired (and guided by the Ancients) to use my professional camera to zoom in and take a photo. It was months since I used my camera, and I was a bit foggy in remembering some important steps in getting the best, possible shot. Nonetheless, I was determined and took my photo. At that moment, I got the confirmation that this event would be the resurrection of my photography and videography projects. 

Here are more important lessons/affirmations I received:

  1. Learning more about myself. I am my own worst critic, and this can sometimes block me from moving forward towards progress and success. As an Aquarian male, I don’t take criticism lightly; especially from my own self. During my ritual, I was guided to accept my strengths as well as my weaknesses. I’m not perfect and don’t strive to be, but there is always room for improvement as long as I am open to it. 
  2. Learning more about my astral chart. At the beginning of December, I reopened my astral/natal chart on my laptop to finally deep dive into it. The last time I opened it (which was probably in 2018), I was not in the best, spiritual mindset to understand it. This time, it was different. All the planetary and astrological symbolism, along with the houses, made complete sense. I felt like I finally understood this puzzle, and now I was able to use it for strengthening my gnosis. 
  3. The power of divination. Doing my own tarot readings has always been a passion of mine. I love understanding the nuances of each card and seeing the message they have for me. The flip side is that I have not done much practice with them and although I have the intention to use them daily, I get lost in my daily life. During my ritual, I received important insight as to what the future holds for me and I was guided to use my cards more often to establish a foundation. This makes complete sense! A few days later, I came across a pendulum. I did not own a pendulum in the past but always had the desire to get one. Well, a pendulum crossed my path and I immediately knew it was for me. I’m now learning how to use it and will add it to my divination practice. 
  4. Embracing a public role. December 2020 also marked the resurrection of my public presence online. It was years since I uploaded anything on YouTube and embraced social media from a public, left-hand path perspective. The Ancients gave me the necessary push to embrace a public platform once again. Black Dragon Immortalis provided me with an opportunity to showcase my views and creative talents with you all. As a result, more opportunities arose! Thanks to Maggie Moon and The Order of Chaos Magick, I offered my perspective on Lilith and other Ancients for the world to hear and see. Although I am still a bit nervous about this public role, I received the reassurance from the Ancients that it’s part of the greater plan moving forward.

As we all approach 2021, there is a lot of uncertainty worldwide. If you think about it though, there is always uncertainty. What makes it different now is that there is a higher level of chaos. How we manage the chaos will be the ultimate factor in how we will experience the chaos, as well as how we will emerge from it. Personally, I feel the new year will mark a new beginning. I cannot pinpoint exactly in what area of my life, but 2021 will bring a different dynamic. What I do know is that I’m going to use the energy that I possess to better myself and my gnosis. All of this, ultimately, depends on me. The Ancients are my support system and will provide the guidance, but whatever happens in this realm is based upon my decisions, thoughts, and actions. Hail the Ancients!