When I first began discovering the left-hand path, I was fascinated with sigils. I was intrigued with the symbolism of each Ancient energy. All those curves, lines, and intricate designs had special energy. They provided a physical representation that my mind could understand. As a visual learner, my brain needs colors, symbols, shapes, and everything in-between. There was a common theme that I began questioning: Why was there always a circle around a sigil?

The aesthetic side in me tried to make sense of this first. Of course, there had to be a circle; it was a way to unify the sigil as “one”. The circle appears on pentagrams, which within itself embodies all the elements into “one”. In some witchcraft traditions, covens perform rituals in circles and generate energy within the circles to ensure successful results. Therefore, “aesthetically”, the circle made sense. But there was something that still didn’t click; why a circle?

Through the countless resources of Goetic magick imagery that I had found, circles were used as a form of entrapment of Ancient energy as well as a form of protection. This was very alarming to me. If a practitioner wanted to work with an Ancient energy, then he/she must “trap” it? And even if the practitioner moved forward in working with Ancient an energy, he/she must now feel protected against an attack? Hmm… well, if you’re “trapping” an Ancient energy, do not expect a positive reaction. Using this perspective, I realized that circles created more harm than good when sigils were involved. Early on, I knew that I couldn’t include circles when working with Ancient energies.

Sigils are beautiful representations of the Ancients within our dimension. Draw and use them freely in a way that works best for you. Let them flow with energy! They should be approached and treated with the utmost respect. By drawing or having a circle around a sigil, a form of control is immediately projected. I’ll remind practitioners that the Ancients possess powerful energies; a circle is useless against them. The Ancients cannot be “trapped”. Any claim to this is false and misleading. If you feel that you need to be protected, then PLEASE do not contact the Ancients. You are not ready at this point. I recommend you work on removing the fear that is blocking your spiritual growth.

I’ll finish this article with an important reminder for all: THE ANCIENTS DO NOT HAVE TO WORK WITH YOU OR DO YOUR BIDDING. If they choose to work with you, great! This is an important step towards a successful, mutual working relationship between you and an Ancient. It’s an amazing bond that can lead to a great physical and spiritual life. If they choose to not work with you, then it’s not the right time. Inquiring about this with the Ancients or your spirit guides through divination or meditation would be the best course of action. Being rejected by the Ancients should not persuade you to control them or attempt to “trap” them. If you insist on doing this, you are going down a path of self-delusion and failure.

I’ll add a short disclaimer that there is sigil jewelry, pendants, rings, and more that use circles. Some of these designs must use a circle, because “aesthetically” it has to be used or the design doesn’t physically work. The focus of this article is to highlight the use of circles during rituals, invocations, and evocations.